3000 Danville Blvd #G, Alamo, CA 94507
Tel: (925) 855-9700
The academy is located in the Alamo Oak Tree Plaza shopping center, next to UPS store.

Mon-Fri 2:00-7:00 PM

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Welcome to Music & Beyond, where kids grow up making music! 


Music & Beyond is the East Bay's premier music school serving Alamo, 
Danville, Dublin, San Ramon, Walnut Creek and beyond!

Our experience is that music has a transformative power, and can enrich
your life immensely.  Studies have shown that musical prowess can increase
aptitude for math and other subjects. The ability to play an instrument builds confidence and provides an opportunity to shine in social situations for
 a lifetime to come!  And, above all else, learning to play an
 instrument is FUN!

At Music & Beyond we strive to provide a friendly learning environment
where children and adults alike can develop their musical talent and
gain a life-lasting appreciation for the wide musical world.
Catering to any style, our teachers are competent in instructing
 everything from classical theory to contemporary music. 

Music & Beyond offers private lessons and group instruction in a
 variety of instruments, such as piano, guitar, bass, drums, voice,
clarinet, saxophone, flute, and violin, among others.  

In addition to our standard weekly lessons, Music & Beyond also offers an innovative Rock Band music program where participants apply their personal training towards collaborative play and are given everything they need to start making music with friends!